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Elior, Rachel 2010a







Elior, Rachel 2010a


Elior, Rachel


Gan be-ʻEden mi-ḳedem. Mesorot Gan ʻEden be-Yiśraʼel uva-ʻamim. A Garden Eastward in Eden. Traditions of Paradise.



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A Garden Eastward in Eden – Traditions of Paradise: Changing Jewish Perspectives and ComparativeDimensions of Culture Table of Contents Foreword Introduction A. Garden of Eden in Antiquity *Yair Zakovitch, "Is The Tree of Knowledge The Tree of Life?" * Nathan Wasserman, "`And the Earth Was Revealed in all Its Beauty`: Remarks on the Literary Traditions of Paradise and Creation of the World in Ancient Mesopotamia and in the Bible." * Leah Mazor, “The Journey of the Magical River from the Temple to the Sea (Ezek 47, 1-12): The Removal of Chaos and a New Creation.” * Rachel Elior, "`The ‘Garden of Eden was the Holy of Holies and theDwelling of the Lord`." B. Garden of Eden in Late Antiquity * Serge Ruzer, “Earthly Paradise as Homeland, Jerusalem as Remotest Exile: Inverted Sacred Geography and Linguistics in the Syriac `Cave of Treasures`.” * Sergey Minov, "The question of Sexuality in Paradise as reflected in Late Antiquity Biblical Exegesis - Between the Sages and the Fathers of the Church." * Hannah Wortzman, "Seduction and Sin in the Greek Life of Adam and Eve." * Nurit Hirshfeld, “From Which Tree did Adam and Eve Eat in the Garden of Eden?” C. Garden of Eden in the Liturgy and in the World of the Sages * Dalia Marx, "`And Mystery is Paradise`: The Garden of Eden in Jewish Liturgy." * AvigdorShinan, "`On Those who Entered theGarden of Eden Alive`." D. Paradise in the Medieval Period Amitai Harosh, "`And from thence it was parted, and became into four Heads` (Gen 2:10): Paradise in the Writings of Salomon Ibn Gabirol." * Micha Goodman, "The Law of the Torah as a return to Paradise: Maimonides Perception of the Law." * Oded Yisraeli, "The Tree of Life and its Roots – A History of a Kabalistic Symbol." * Elisheva Revel-Neher, "Between Heaven and Earth: the Heavenly Ladder in Jewish and Christian Medieval Art." * Ithamar Theodor, "The Star of the Cows - the Highest Heaven in the Krishnaite Tradition." E. Garden of Eden in the Modern Period * David Fishelov, "`But We Must Cultivate Our Garden`: Paradise Lost/Found in Robinson Crusoe and Candide." * Yahil Zaban: "`A Place for Love`: the Literature of the Enlightenment and the `Pleasant Place.`" * Yehuda Moraly, "A Revolution in Paradise: Representations of Paradise on the Twentieth Century Stage and Screen." * Uri Hollander, "Miłosz Enterd the Pardes: On Czesław Miłosz`s Utopic Perception." F. Paradise in Sociology, psychology and Anthropology * Yoram Bilu, "`The Gateway to Paradise` in Beit She`an: Between Personal Symbol and Cultural Tradition in a Holy Site." * Chaim Noy, "Touristic Paradises: A Critical Rendering of Modern Vacationscapes." * Adam Klin-Oron, "End-of-Days Visions in Twentieth-Century Channeling: From the Age of Aquariusto the New Age."